Our History

Did you ever wonder why our founding sisters chose the name “Woman’s Club”, instead, as it is often mistakenly called, The “Women’s Club?” These wise ladies made that decision because they wanted to honor the dignity, worth, and talents of just one woman. They realized that one woman, joining forces with others like herself, could create a magnificent force for good in the growing community of York. This idea has been the motivation for the Woman’s Club of York for over the past 116 years and continues yet today!

The continued success of the Woman’s Club is based on the fact that each member is herself a treasure, valued for her dedication and willingness to serve as she can; her gifts of talent, innovation and energy and the respect she shares with her “sister” members for the core values of the Club.
Did You Know the Woman’s Club:
  • Organized the first playground system that our children now enjoy
  • Commissioned the design of the York City seal still in use today
  • Provided trash receptacles throughout the city
  • Planted trees along old Rt 30 from Wrightsville to Abbottstown
  • Instituted a nutrition initiative in the public schools
  • Provided daycare for women in need
  • Advocated for women and children in the courts
  • Encouraged property beautification by providing flowers to individual gardens
 …and many other service projects of value to the city.

Woman’s Club Auditorium
228 East Market Street

Officers Burma Welber, Bernadette Free (President), and Jean Wilt meet at the club house.